Monday, May 30, 2011

This is the Place

I had the unique opportunity to test drive a Canon EOS 5D Mark II last week.
I used to believe that the next lens I would invest in would be a 50mm fixed.
This day changed that.
I've fallen hopelessly in love with wide angle photography.
I thank Zach for this. He hired me to do some location scouting at This is the Place monument park for a western sci-fi series he's going to film.
Fantastic day. I got a fantastic tan.

Monday, May 16, 2011


One day my fiance and I were preparing french toast in his kitchen. I inquired about where they get such beautiful eggs. He and my future mother-in-law motioned in the same direction and I assumed it was from a farm down the street. As I continued preening for more answers I quickly discovered that, "over there" meant their own backyard and that my future husband has actual chickens I had never even suspected all these years.
These are their stories.

Just Cute Kenia

This girl is the definition of dedicated.
Her fiance just left on a mission and she's counting down the hours til he gets back.
He'll be in Taiwan for a year and 21 more months.

Meanwhile, she and I make beautiful pictures together.

 This last picture made the cut because I fall off my chair every time I look at it. Her little sister is hysterical.


I had the unique opportunity to order real, tangible prints for this one.
I'm quite honored that the photo she sent out with her graduation announcements was taken by yours truly.

Hannah and I have been in young women's together since day one. She's one of those girls you know you can trust, and she's reliable to a T. Incredibly polite, very spiritual,
an honor :)