Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm pretty sure I had said it about a hundred times as I edited these..

"..she is so pretty..."

Worth standing in the rain for. She's marrying one lucky guy.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Elder Jake Gubler

Jake was such a sassy model. He'll do some serious good out there :)

Lovely Babies

Here's the "best of" from my sweep of darling baby shoots :)



It's me again..

Hello! Outrageous apologies for my lengthy term of absence. My business has blossomed!

Here's a laconic wrap-up of the last few months :)

I began working with two sweet girls and their babies. I photographed Kaylee and Owen for several months of their first year of life.

I had the opportunity to photograph Jake for his mission portraits.

I got a new lens, a 35mm 1.8 so I could cover low-light situations better.

I shot my first wedding, and Kelsey was such a beautiful bride :)

I photographed family portraits for Shaylee, Michelle, Jake, Alexx and Brynn.

I had a gorgeous couple shoot with Alexzandria and David,

Followed by engagements for Josh and Bethany.

I did a portrait session with Timera for a school project. (she modeled fabulously for me)

I did a Dr. Seuss project for a school final.

I did a really fun family portrait session with Ashlie and Lucas and their cute cute boys.

I had engagements with Annalyn and Buck in a canoe at Daybreak Lake!

I shot Kylie and Brett's engagements and designed their wedding invitation.

I did some work for Bath.ologie taking pictures of their products and an event that they had,

and I'm currently in the process of designing some things for their website too!

And that brings us to last week where I shot Heather and Seth's engagements, Heather's bridals (in the rain!!) and Melissa's cute cute baby Owen.

Think you can keep up?