Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photostash: Shadowplay

Stars (Hold On) by Youngblood Hawke on GroovesharkI'm starting a new photo project.
For those of you who know me, 
it will come to you as no surprise 
that I'm a collector.
If you recall one of my earliest posts 
you can only begin to imagine what my desk looks like as I type this.

Either way, I suppose the part the actually gets my blood pumping is the idea that one day all the things I've collected will all be in their own perfectly organized place and the things I've kept that I thought I'd need someday will have actually gotten used up in a cool project and I'll feel good about my crazy hoarding issues.

Therefore, I will still be stashing things... Images, rather...
but I'll be stashing with a purpose.
Beginning with an end in mind.

I've selected instagram as an appropriate storage box for my images as I collect enough to really call it a "set"

So here's my very first go at it:

1. That morning the sun spilled through the blinds. 2. That time I pulled two U-Turns to photograph those tree shadows in the city. 3. That time I stumbled across some chains just inside a parking garage. 4. That time my glasses looked like old people specs. 5. That time I got up and stretched my legs at work and found an arrow on the door. 6. Earlier today when I was blowing things out of proportions with my favorite bobby pin. 7. That time I walked home from yoga and the sun gave me false hope that winter was concluding. 8. That morning I went to Disney's California Adventure and had to wait at the entrance gates for my family to catch up. 8. Last week when the sun lasered me in the face. Oh, PS: I bleached my hair again. I think the chemicals leech into my brain and make me happier. I love being blonde. 

Get inspired! Show me what you can do with Shadowplay. Toss me a comment and link me on your page.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Clint and Macquel -- Draper Temple Session

Big Parade by The Lumineers on GroovesharkCute Macquel messaged me one night in a panic.                       

Her photographer was en route to California and had totally spaced Macquel's temple sealing session that coming weekend. She asked me if I would be available to shoot it last minute and luckily my Saturday afternoon was open.

I am so grateful she contacted me because I am in love with these pictures. Clint and Macquel are darling and such a riot! We were graced with beautiful sunshine and the typical Draper-Temple-Dyson-winds were shockingly still. It was a perfect day to be sealed to your best friend and companion for eternity.

Some business:
First of all,
Darling Macquel is a fellow photographer! She does some incredible work. Like her page on Facebook and show some love on her blog.

Second of all,
Though we may be magicians with our cameras and wizards of light, photographers are people too. We can be forgetful, we do get sick, and things come up.
Make sure you confirm all dates with your photographer ahead of time to avoid a last minute panic.

And the moment you've all been waiting for...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sean and Chelsey -- Salt Lake City Couple Session

Plage by Crystal Fighters on GroovesharkTaking Sean and Chelsey all around the town was so much fun!
(says the photographer wearing gloves, a jacket, and a scarf!)
Technically we didn't go ALL around the town, just to a few spots here and there that I'd been begging to shoot up.

Basically, I adore these two. They live a literal stone's throw away from us.
(not one of my throws; I'm a girl. Obviously.)

Either way, the one thing that made this session so brilliant was how much fun they have together. Sean works about a million hours a week and virtually the only day they get to spend together is Sunday. I was lucky to steal these on a Saturday that he didn't have to work. (Which worked out perfectly since I'm sure they had nothing better to do than to stand around looking pretty for me.)
But that's all I want in a session. I just want the couple to be relaxed, and positive, and to have a good time!
We tried a few "serious" poses, (which were totes fab) but they couldn't help but bust out laughing after. Mmm:)

Ahhh. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. I'm kind of obsessing over here.
Like, so obsessed I'm having t-shirts made. and sweatpants.

yeah, this is getting weird..