Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kaitlin // Medusa

I've been dying to create these images for months. I was in need of someone with long, dark hair who was both intimidating and mysterious. My middle-school best friend was absolutely perfect for the role.

Body Electric by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark

Makeup: Annie Hawkins
Hair: McKenzie Pehrson
Model: Kaitlin Card

Remember when we took these photos together?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Connor and Kenzy Desert Engagements

I'm pretty sure the planets aligned for this one.
My family took a vacation for spring break to my Grandpa's ranch in Wickenburg Arizona.
I begged Kenz to change out of her lounge clothes and do her hair so we could take some pictures!

It was kind of a ploy to get her to look photogenic for the pictures I'd be taking later that evening when Connor was planning to propose.

So I suppose technically these are pre-engagements, buuuuut, we knew it was gonna happen :)

Connor and Kenzy are expecting baby Lily this July. She'll arrive just in time for their August wedding.


 By the way, did you notice his eyes are two different colors?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kaylee - Balloons and a Bunny Rabbit

I have loved watching this cutie grow! I'm so grateful I had the amazing opportunity to document her growth since she was a sweet little baby.

Remember our first session together?

How about these darling family portraits we did?

She has grown so much!!