Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kaylee - Balloons and a Bunny Rabbit

I have loved watching this cutie grow! I'm so grateful I had the amazing opportunity to document her growth since she was a sweet little baby.

Remember our first session together?

How about these darling family portraits we did?

She has grown so much!!


  1. I so want you to take photos of my little one. Do you do maternity shoots too? Let me know<3

    1. Oh Lauren:) I would love to! I didn't know you were pregnant!! I just ran over to your cute blog and got all caught up, CONGRATULATIONS!!! So freakin fun, girl. I'm so happy for ya!!
      And yes, I'm definitely down for maternity pictures. Email me at tabulousphotography@gmail.com and we can talk prices and locations and all that fun stuff :)