Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Missing Mozart

My Favorite Aunt Kristine was burdened with the news that her sweet corgi, Mozart, was suffering from Canine Leukemia over the holidays. As soon as I heard that his time left with us was brief, I made arrangements to photograph him in the snow one last time. I hoped that these images would be a comfort to my aunt and that she would have something nice to remember him by.

I miss him. He was such a sweet, loving little guy. Each time I visited I was greeted by two short, happy pups jumping at my feet and fighting for my affection. When my aunt first opened her yarn shop she would bring the puppies to work and it was my job to walk them out back every once in awhile. Don't tell Tegan... but I liked Mozart more ;)

Hold your furry friends close.

Miss you, Mo-Mo

Monday, January 13, 2014

Herway Family

Can I just start off by telling you how much I adore this family?? It's true. I used to babysit these awesome kids and it's probably one of the biggest things I miss about being a teenager. I talked art with Daphne, watched Zane's iguana Ziggy eat delicious crickets, played dress-up with Scarlet, and watched Brauer blow bubbles and go down the slide again and again. SO awesome. I feel so lucky to know them and I'm so grateful they gave me the opportunity to photograph them for their Christmas card.

I'm so excited to share these with you. Is this a good lookin' family or what?! And that awesome dusting of snow on the sagebrush was perfect!