Friday, August 29, 2014

Beckham // 1 Year Session

Can you believe it?? Sweet little Beckham boy is already a year old!
I have loved watching him grow into his spunky personality. He's one of the only babies I know that is all smiles all the time. And boy can he run!

I've said this over and over, but I'll say it again. I. Love. This. Family! They are some of the kindest, most gregarious, and genuinely FUN people I know! They make me excited to be a parent someday so that our kids can grow up together and be best friends as kids, just like Alex and I were :)

Beckham's first birthday is two-fold. We did a session on his birthday with him and his cute parents where we aimed for wild, fun photos that showed off his little personality. The next day I had the opportunity to photograph his birthday party and cake smash! So keep an eye out for those photos as well :)


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